Vacation in Malaysia & Singapore (November 2006)

The Travellers (Charlotte & Jakob)

Travel plan
* 12-14 November: Singapore (Orchard Road, Boat Quay, eating at hawker centre and relaxation at swimming pool in Spring Grove)
* 15-17 November: Taman Negara (night jungle walk, jungle trekking, swimming)
* 18-20 November: Kuala Lumpur (KL Tower, Petronas Twin Towers, tour of Chinatown, Mashid Jamek, Islamic Arts Museum, Lake Gardens, 
              high tea at Carcosa Seri Negara, shopping in Chinatown and elsewhere)
* 21-23 November: Langkawi (total relaxation with only five things on schedule: sunbathing, swimming, sleeping, eating & having massage)
* 24-25 November: Singapore (Chinatown, Raffles Hotel and relaxation at swimming pool in Spring Grove)

Video from our premier beach front bungalow at Tanjung Sanctuary

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MS2006-01.JPG (119031 byte)

Jakob & Palle at Boat Quay

MS2006-02.JPG (181137 byte)

Hawker centre in Singapore

MS2006-03.JPG (197725 byte)

Drinking Singapore Sling at Raffles

MS2006-04.JPG (172273 byte)

Peanut shells on the floor at Raffles

MS2006-05.JPG (248759 byte)

Shopping in Singapore Chinatown

MS2006-11.JPG (277898 byte)

Canopy walkway at Taman Negara

MS2006-12.JPG (135383 byte)

Boat Trip to Taman Negara

MS2006-13.JPG (254730 byte)

Lizard at Taman Negara

MS2006-14.JPG (261219 byte)

Swimming at Lata Berkoh (Taman)

MS2006-15.JPG (190986 byte)

Foot massage at Taman Negara

MS2006-22.JPG (165336 byte)

Buffet at restaurant in KL Tower

MS2006-23.JPG (119608 byte)

Dinner with a view (Petronas)

MS2006-21.JPG (164368 byte) MS2006-26.JPG (161875 byte)

All dressed up at Mashid Jamek

MS2006-25.JPG (140085 byte)

High Tea at Carcosa Seri Negara

MS2006-32.JPG (219276 byte)

Palm trees at Tanjung Sanctuary

MS2006-33.JPG (164197 byte)

Our bungalow and private beach

MS2006-35.JPG (152572 byte)

Balcony view from our bungalow

MS2006-36.JPG (95626 byte)

Sunset view from our bungalow

MS2006-34.JPG (222494 byte)

Monkeys at Tanjung Sanctuary



Malaysia (hotel) (train) (Islamic Arts Museum)