Vacation in North Italy (May 2007)

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Garden of Palazzo Ducale in Mantova
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Antipasti at Osteria dell'Oca
2007_Italien-03.JPG (136947 byte)
Osteria dell'Oca in Mantova
2007_Italien-04.JPG (130628 byte)
Lazise at the Garda Lake
2007_Italien-05.JPG (103437 byte)
View towards west coast of Garda Lake
2007_Italien-06.JPG (132526 byte)
Garda Lake on a plate (four type of fish)
2007_Italien-07.JPG (217677 byte)
On the way to Laghi Gemelli
2007_Italien-08.JPG (165709 byte)
Towards the top at 2046 metres
2007_Italien-09.JPG (198914 byte)
Relaxing on the way down
2007_Italien-10.JPG (241831 byte)
Look up!
2007_Italien-11.JPG (148292 byte)
Biking near Treviglio
2007_Italien-12.JPG (133898 byte)
Restaurant in Cassano d'Adda

17 May: Visit to Mantova
18 May: Visit to Garda Lake
19 May: Mountain tour to Lahgi Gemelli (1953 metres)
20 May: Biking near Treviglio
21 May: Visit to Milan