Pictures from my job: Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries

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Ministerrokade 12. september 2007
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Bowling med ministersekretariatet

Grønland_2006-01.jpg (129169 byte)

Grønland 2006

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Middag hos Hans (januar 2008)
fvm-2008-china-02.JPG (171180 byte)
Besøg i Kina (april 2008)
fvm-2008-china-01.JPG (199020 byte)
Besøg i Kina (april 2008)


In Romania (28-30 August 2007)

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With Mette & Hans in a café in Bucuresti 
Romania-2007-04.jpg (185555 byte)
Obor market in Bucuresti
Romania-2007-03.jpg (158158 byte)
Typical Bucuresti housing
Romania-2007-02.jpg (134645 byte)
With Mette in a restaurant in Bucuresti
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Romania-2007-06.jpg (92155 byte)
Romanian country side around Brassov