Vacation in Canazei, Italy (March 2005)

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Canazei-Sella.jpg (145484 byte)
The Sella
Canazei-Sella_Ronda_card.jpg (83022 byte)
Sella Ronda
Canazei-Belvedere.jpg (169108 byte)
Canazei-Annelies+Camilla.JPG (136357 byte)
Annelies & Camilla in a lift
Canazei-sun_at_pecol.JPG (127615 byte)
Annelies & Jakob at Pecol
Canazei-Bjørn+Camilla.JPG (193158 byte)
Bjørn & Camilla at Malga Ciapela
Canazei-Ready_for_Sella.JPG (140283 byte)
Ready for the Sella Ronda
Canazei-sunchairs.JPG (178244 byte)
Enjoying the sun at Ciampinoi
Canazei-Marmolada.JPG (114802 byte)
At the Marmolada glacier
Canazei-Go-Go3.jpg (156733 byte)
Go-go in the snow at Piz Seteur (2064 m)
Canazei-Go-Go1.jpg (186053 byte)
Go-go in the snow at Piz Seteur (2064 m)
Canazei-Go-Go2.jpg (163885 byte)
Go-go in the snow at Piz Seteur (2064 m)
Canazei-Vibeke+Bjørn.JPG (186143 byte)
Vibeke & Bjørn
Canazei-Apfelstrudel.JPG (177774 byte)
Camilla & Jakob eating Apfelstrudel
Canazei-Bjørn+Mette.JPG (135097 byte)
Bjørn & Mette enjoying a beer
Canazei-Maiken+Mikkel.JPG (60047 byte)
Maiken & Mikkel
Canazei-Camilla_smiling.JPG (82517 byte)
Camilla smiling
Canazei-Jakob_with_gifts.JPG (65828 byte)
Jakob with birthday gifts
Canazei-Jakob_birthday.JPG (112510 byte)

Birthday boy

Canazei-Mountainview.JPG (161957 byte) Canazei-Jakob_hands.JPG (119335 byte)
Talk to the hand!
Canazei-Dolomiti_restaurant.JPG (153117 byte)
Hotel Dolomiti restaurant
Canazei-Hotel_Dolomiti2.jpg (123942 byte)
Hotel Dolomiti
Canazei-Hotel_Dolomiti1.jpg (118540 byte)
Hotel Dolomiti