Vacation in Budapest, Hungary (July 2005)

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Budapest_Klaus+Jakob.jpg (759718 byte)

The Travellers
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Budapest_Castle at night.jpg (756227 byte)
The Castle at night
Budapest_MillenniumMonument.jpg (488486 byte)
Millennium Monument at Varosliget
Budapest_GellertBath.jpg (861229 byte)
The Gellert Bath
Budapest_StatuePark.jpg (689977 byte)
Statue Park
Budapest_GellertMountain.jpg (579670 byte)
Gellert Mountain
Budapest_DanubeTour.jpg (676760 byte)
Boat trip on the Danube
between Szentendre & Budapest
Budapest_ImreNagy.JPG (1088836 byte)
Monument showing Imre Nagy on his way from Communism to the people's side
Budapest_JewishSynagogue.jpg (931115 byte)
Jakob with the proper head gear inside the Jewish Synogogue
Budapest_MargaretBridge.jpg (602643 byte)
Klaus, Zita & Jakob at Margaret Bridge
Budapest_ViewfromDanube.jpg (432625 byte)
Chain Bridge & Matthias Church (on the right)
Budapest_EatingOut.jpg (666597 byte)
Eating out in the Jewish Quarter
Budapest_MuttonStew.jpg (758894 byte)
Mutton stew
Budapest_Great Market Hall.jpg (861236 byte)
The food market at Fövám tér
Budapest_Mititei.jpg (623819 byte)
Mititei (traditional dish with sausages)
Budapest_Wateringthegrass.jpg (868155 byte)
Watering the grass on a hot day in Budapest
(during our stay the temperature was 30-38 degrees)
Budapest_WorkingHigh.jpg (1048124 byte)
Workers on a roof 
seen from Saint Stephen's Basilica
Budapest_Pianoplayer TabanHakas.jpg (691563 byte)
Piano player at the cosy restaurant "Taban Hakas Vendeglö" in the Taban Quarter
Budapest_ViewfromCastle.jpg (754135 byte)
View over Budapest from the Castle Hill
Budapest_TerrorHaza1.jpg (97007 byte)
House of Terror
Budapest_View from Castle District.jpg (602863 byte)
View over Budapest from the Castle Hill


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